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The Bright Side of Life

Lt. Zack
21 March
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This is the roleplaying journal of Zack from the Final Fantasy VII. He is copyrighted to Square-ENIX. Mun can be reached at the kira_k journal.

Character’s name: Zackary Tadson
Gender: male
Affiliation: SOLDIER
Age: 21
Appearing Age: the same

Birthday: 21 March (Aries but with strong Pisces)
Place of birth: Esper, Omni
Sexual Preference: Bisexual but more into the girls ^^;
Marital Status: Single
Eye color: Violet (blue) and glowing from the Mako.
Hair Color: black
Skin Tone: beige
Height: 183 cm (~6'1")
Build: muscled

History/Timeline: His parents were colonists of the Omni. They are hard-working people whose only child is Zack. He was brought up with love and care.
He joined SOLDIER to be able to protect others and to find an outlet to his almost endless energy. He rose quickly through the ranks, making it into a First Class by the age of 18. He earned the rank Lieutenant after a year but his too easy-going attitude stoped him from achieving more. This doesn't really bother Zack. Sephiroth doesn't want to give another promotion to Zack as he doesn't want the whole army to be ordered out for bar-hopping. Despite this they are best friends, and Zack is Sephiroth's personal assistant/second in command.

Personality: Easy-going, friendly, loyal, helpful, caring, optimist, poligamist, flirting, charming.

He wants to help the others and loyal to his friends till the end. He is willing to lead and follow as well -- depending on the situation and the others. He is a good loser, although he can usually charm his way out of most of the though situations. He laughs a lot, even at himself. Has problems understanding 'fidelity' and monogamy.

Identifying Marks: None.
Clothing Preferences: Fitting things that won't get in way in a fight
Profession: First Class Soldier; lieutenant
Weapon of Choice: Buster Sword ^^;
Things: His sword, old love letters, the hand-knitted scarf from his mother
Food: Pizza, pie, sweets
Drink: Cocoa/chocolate milk/, vermouth
Color: blue, green, red,
Likes: People, being helpful, having a good time, practicing with his sword against a worthy opponent, jazz-music,
Dislikes: Slaughter, idiotic orders, people who are cruel, paperwork
Talents: Smiling, making others relaxed,
Weaknesses: People in need ^^; Doesn't exactly knows where are the limits,
Pre-Existing Relationships:

Greg and Clara Tadson - parents. Still living; Zack wasn't at home since a year.
Sepiroth - his commander and friend;
Cloud - friend
(Any other friends are welcome -- Zack tries to know and like everybody )

Special Abilities: Thanks to the mako injections his endurance, speed, reflexes, and strength are higher than average.

Seiyuu/Voice: Kenichi Suzumura
Songs Character Resonates To: Queen- It's a Beautiful Day